1. A user in Olindra gets the whole spectrum of resources for working with files. Contextual menu of files and fields, which provides information about their characteristics, allows adding dynamics to attachments and expands the range of possible actions: 

    • check in/check out;

    • work with various versions of files;

    • manage permissions;

    • view/modify characteristics.

  2. Card's form has the tabs that allow various functional capabilities:

    • overview and modification of characteristics;

    • linking to other documents;

    • discussions of documents;

    • overview of documents' workflow statuses.

  3. Document types tree is implemented and allows:

    • Grouping documents according to company's activity;

    • Working with documents in a familiar for the users mode, using MS Windows (for those who just start using document workflow system it makes the whole process intuitive measuring and easy);

    • Getting maximum speed when searching for information.

  4. The system offers a possibility to define evident links between the document in Olindra.

  5. The option of linking discussions directly to each document is implemented in the system. The number of discussions linked to a document is unlimited.

  6. There is an advanced search option in the system allowing searching documents on various fields.

  7. The procedure of recognition and using digital signature is implemented in the system. Olindra also offers the procedure of changing documents' characteristics depending on whether the document was signed with digital signature or not.