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​Business information has expanded rapidly in recent years, and unstructured data can be a challenge for an organization to manage.  Hours are wasted searching through content for something specific. Duplication of work can occur as different parts of the business are working in isolation, and as a result, staff are not sharing valuable knowledge, which then becomes lost when the employee leaves. ​

Document management system (DMS) can help organizations better control their information. Content can include both paper and digitized documents, email, faxes, transaction records, images and multimedia files, web content, and other files, such as accounts, charts, presentations, and so on.  Document management system is vital to streamline processes and increase productivity. Well organized document workflow is a key to effective cooperation within organization, when all the content is brought together in one place. This way your business process​ is optimized, costs are reduced and employees make decisions faster.​

Olindra is a multipurpose automation system for document workflow and business processes in a company.


The system allows:

  • Storing active documents wit​h notation of their main characteristics;

  • Storing archived documents and automate the archiving process;

  • Team-work on documents files;

  • Tracking versions of documents files;

  • Using electronic digital signature according to the standard XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures);

  •  Providing additional document security and any illegal access protection by delimiting user access rights and using RMS system;

  • Automating documents negotiations process;

  • Displaying document’s life cycles and its current status;

  • Using automated workflows (For example: contract negotiation and approval,  sending notifications about creating or modifying a document);

  • Performing advanced search of documents stored in the system.