Cards are used for storing documents in Olindra system and are the main element of the workflow.

Card is a storage, where  information related to a document is kept. The following can be attached to a card:

  • accessory materials;

  • copies of a document in different languages;

  • original document.

Also it is possible to do the following:

  • start document's coordination;

  • specify other documents connectivity, etc.

Olindra system supports a great number of card types according to a specific type of documents used in a company. Each type defines the set of fields and characteristics inhering in document’s card. For example, Contract card’s type has such characteristics as sum, currency, contractor, etc.
The comfort of such a “Card” view lies in the possibility to group information related to one business-process (For example, making a contract):

  • Main document;

  • Ancillary documents;

  • Linked cards and files;

  • Document discussions;

  • Information about workflows.




Navigation in the workflow system is implemented with the help of document types tree allowing:

  • grouping documents according to the business a company is in;

  • using familiar MS Windows format when working with documents, which is much easier for those who just start using he system of electronic workflow;

  • getting maximum information access speed.








Procedure of Linking Documents

Documents linking procedure is used for quick access to documents related to the same business process.
It is possible to get access to such documents from any card. For example, by opening a document card with "Contract" type, it is possible to access the following types of documents: protocol, appendix, collateral agreement, payment order, invoice, etc.



Create based on


The system offers a possibility to create any type of a document using  "Create based on" function.
There are two options how to do this:

  1. On the base of an existing document. This way common fields from current document are copied to new document, and both documents are linked automatically. The link type can be changed manually later if needed.

  2. On the base of Template.








Functions Check in/Check out

Functions Check in/Check out may be of a great use during team-work on documents.
By checking out a document and opening it in editing mode, a user can be sure that there are no other people working on the document while he/she is editing it. For other participants of the workflow process documents will be available in read-only mode, but not in editing mode. After the document is returned, it contains all the modifications made, and is available for other users.


Versions Journal

When document has been edited, the number of its versions is updated in Versions journal. In document card only last saved version is displayed, but it is possible to use Versions journal command for viewing, restoring or deleting the previously saved version.

Usually when working on a document, users check it before closing. The majority of users save every new version of a document by making slight changes in its name, in that way creating a great number of copies. The Olindra system supports versions of a document, which can be a priceless feature along with the ability of MS Office to compare documents.