​When workflow is in process, as well as after it is completed, it is possible to see its status.  There are 2 ways to do it:

1. Information about tasks for corresponding users, Initiator, workflow status and start date can be obtained from the “Workflows” form in the context menu of the card.


2. It is possible to see the status in the printable form available in "Printable forms" section of the Card form.





Order is a document used to appoint a user (or a group of users) to perform certain actions, defined by another user.


Various independent orders and orders related to documents processing are also possible.

The type of document Task and the type of document Order are very much alike. The only difference between them is that orders are created manually by a user; tasks are created by workflow system while completing a workflow for a document in the system.

Any order has an editable feature – execution control (Absent, Checked-up, Withdrawn from checkup). Depending on the value of this field, order will be displayed in section “Checked-up” for the corresponding controller.

Orders can also be seen in the “Tasks and orders” section in the card form.